How times have changed over the course of the past 5 years with respect to the actions of a WorkCover Agent in Victoria. These Agents – DXC, Gallagher Bassett, EML and Allianz have been appointed by WorkSafe to ensure all workers compensation claims are managed efficiently and effectively. This includes claims liability assessment, payment of accounts and compensation, collecting workplace annual premiums and focussing on the wellbeing of an injured employee with stakeholder planning towards proactive Return to Work outcomes. They are also responsible for obtaining medical information from treating health practitioners and independent medical examiners to assess ongoing claim entitlements.

Above this, they are to provide regular updates on active claims to the employers and ensure all is occurring towards a claim’s finalisation outcome…….

Remember how I said things have changed – well turn the clock forward to today’s date.

What we hear from prospective clients and what we see on a daily basis is – There are limited experienced case managers who are exiting the scheme to work for employers as in house Workers Compensation specialists or have left the industry all together. Feedback from WorkCover Agents no longer occurs to employers and rarely with injured workers. Medical expense reimbursements are taking well in excess of 6 weeks to be paid, 95% of all incoming workers compensation claims are being accepted (no matter what the injury or cause) and WorkCover Agents are rarely making any adverse decisions on workers entitlements and therefore claims are continuing to at least 130 weeks of paid compensation with lump sum impairment claims and Common Law litigation increasing.

We must continue to push for more proactive management of Workers Compensation claims because the lack of action has a huge detrimental impact on workers compensation premiums in both the short and long term.

Imagine being an employer who has a staff member who suffers a minor injury and they remain off work for two and a half years with their annual premiums skyrocketing by around 50% over a three year period due to lack of action by the Workers Compensation Agent. These increased costs can impact the ongoing affordability of continuing in business.

Don’t get me wrong, many employers do have some experience in Workers Compensation and Return to Work planning, but for those who don’t- tread carefully and ensure you have the support to obtain the best outcome for your business and your injured staff member.

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