Workers Compensation Claim Management

WorkCover Claim Management

In 2020-21, there were 130,195 serious injury WorkCover claims.

For employers, Workers Compensation claims can be confusing and time consuming with claim forms to be submitted, wages calculated, reimbursements processed and the fines can be costly if legislative compliance is not adhered to. Not to mention all the time spent communicating with the injured worker, the WorkCover Agent plus all other relevant stakeholders.

It’s even more frustrating having to constantly follow up your WorkCover Agent to ensure your Workers Compensation claim is being managed proactively and the WorkCover Agent is actually working in your best interest. 

WorkCover Claim Management Outsourcing & Consulting Services for Employers

Having a workplace injury is stressful enough, without having to manage the endless form submissions, admin tasks and liaising with all the relevant stakeholders – especially when you already have a lot on your plate! Outsourcing your WorkCover claims administration and management responsibilities and putting it into the hands of a specialist workers compensation consultant is a huge weight off your shoulders.

Jayrose Group Australia can take care of everything, from claim administration processes to Return to Work responsibilities. We work closely with your business and Victoria’s four WorkCover Agents Xchanging, Gallagher Bassett, Allianz and EML to efficiently and correctly manage any workplace injuries. Our workers compensation claim management and consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic claims management and administration – moving any active or future workers compensation claims you may have to finalisation
  • Employer guidance helpline – 24/7 support for employers from injury date to closure of claim
  • Injured worker support – guidance and support throughout the recovery and rehabilitation of an injured worker;
  • Claims litigation support – strategic assessment and management of workplace injury legal matters 
  • Stakeholder engagement – working with all parties to preserve positive relationships and facilitate positive return to work outcomes
  • Conciliation attendance – control the appeals process for all adverse decisions made on a claim and ensure outcomes are measured with support for the employer and injured employee
  • Sustainable Return to Work outcomes – provision of advice around a return to work either to a pre injury role or through external job placement
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Return to Work Management Outsourcing & Consulting Services for Employers

Once you’ve dealt with the minefield of an employee injuring themselves and completing the WorkCover claim process, you’ll soon be navigating the maze of your Return to Work responsibilities. By law, employers must meet certain obligations in order to help their employees return to the workplace after an injury. 

You must start planning for your employees return to work as soon as they have reported their injury which can be well before a Workers Compensation claim for weekly payments has been received.  

As specialist workers compensation consultants, Jayrose Group Australia offers Return to Work outsourcing. We help you to make informed decisions about how, if and when an injured employee returns to work and we communicate with all key stakeholders including doctors, physical therapists and mental health specialists. We take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

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