Workers Compensation Consultant

Have you got a Workers Compensation claim hanging over your head? Are you concerned that your WorkCover insurance premiums are excessive? Do you want to ensure your injury management processes are compliant and fair?

Skyrocketing insurance premiums and long, drawn-out claims processes can be costly, and unpleasant for both employers and employees.

With the help of the Jayrose Group, you can put a framework in place that reduces the impact that Workers Compensation claims have on your organisation, your staff and your bottom line.

Administration & Management

We take on your Workers Compensation responsibilities

Strategic Claims Management

Moving active claims through to finalisation

Annual Premiums Assessment

Ensuring your financial obligations are accurately calculated, obtaining refunds and/or seeking to reduce premiums

Stakeholder Engagement

Working with all parties to preserve positive relationships, facilitate employees returning to work and reduce the costs incurred by claims

Front-End Injury Management Intervention

Safeguarding future premium increases by managing an injury properly from the time it’s reported

Policies and Procedures Development

Implementing injury management processes to streamline claims

Sustainable Return to Work Outcomes

We help you to make informed decisions about how, if and when an injured employee returns to work

Employer Guidance Helpline

We offer 24/7 support for employers, from the incidence of an injury to the finalisation of the claim

Injured Worker Support

We provide guidance and support throughout the recovery of an injured worker, including during rehabilitation

Claims Litigation Support

Strategic assessment and management of workplace injury legal matters.

WorkCover Agent Liaison

Positive working relationships with all Insurance providers with the added value of dedicated claims teams, account managers and internal case management support.

Conciliation Attendance

Control the appeals process for all adverse decisions made on a claim and ensure outcomes are measured with support for the employer and injured employee.

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