Jayrose Group Australia partner with Elantis Premium Funding to deliver cost-effective, flexible premium funding solutions. Such funding can be utilised for not only your workers compensation premiums but for any other insurance program that needs to be paid on a regular basis.

Such benefits include:

  1. Improved cash flow – frees up working capital for other higher income return generating opportunities
  2. Interest charges can be tax deductible
  3. Flexible repayment options (monthly, quarterly)
  4. No additional security required – the insurance policy acts as the security
  5. No impact on the ability to utilise an existing line of credit with their bank

But, you may ask:

Query: My bank has provided me with a cheaper premium funding quote.
JGA Response: Banks can lack flexibility and do not endorse premiums and/or restructure contracts for return premiums. Altering direct debits, quoting in arrears or delaying a payment may also be a challenge.

Query: I have surplus funds to pay for the premiums upfront.
JGA Response: Can you earn a better reinvestment rate by funding your premiums and therefore using your surplus cash back in your business?

Query: The Interest costs are too expensive.
JGA Response: Interest costs are usually tax deductible and funding your premiums frees up your cash flow to gain a better return in your business.

Query: I don’t have the time to apply for another credit facility (premium funding).
JGA Response: Premium Funding is simple to set up and no additional security is needed as the policy itself acts as security.

Query: I have my own bank overdraft facility in place which is cheaper than the premium funding quote.
JGA Response: Premium Funding is an easy way to free up your bank facility for other business-related expenses.

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