You’ve just dealt with the minefield of an employee injuring themselves or becoming ill and completing a WorkSafe Injury Claim. Now your worker is looking to return to work, and you need to navigate the maze of the Return to Work program. 

Employers have obligations under the law to help employees return to the workplace after work related injury or illness. You must start planning for your employees return to work as soon as you receive their claim for weekly payments or their WorkSafe certificate of capacity (whichever comes first), or your WorkCover Agent notifies you they have received the documents. You are also required to keep your worker’s job or equivalent position open for them for 12 months.

Can I outsource my WorkSafe claims and return to work processes?

Before you panic, Jayrose Group Australia (JGA) offer workers compensation outsourcing services to manage the Return to Work process. We guide you through the process, taking care of everything so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

The steps to take when returning an injured employee back to work

  • Contact JGA and nominate us as your Return to Work Coordinator.
  • We then take care of the Return to Work Plan for any injured or ill worker who has or will have an incapacity for work for 20 days or more.
  • We communicate with all stakeholders and liaise with your Workcover Agent on your behalf. 
  • We provide support to your worker and regularly review their Return to Work Plan.
  • We work with you to provide your worker with suitable employment when they have capacity for work.
  • We establish Occupational Rehabilitation and Risk Management Programs within three months of the date your injured or ill worker’s claim for weekly payments is accepted.
  • Contact JGA for any advice or assistance on claims or return to work.

If you’re unsure about the Return To Work program or you feel like you are in a maze you can’t get out of, our knowledgeable and experienced team can take you through the process. We even offer a 24/7 Employer Guidance Helpline for employers from the incidence of injury or illness to the finalisation of the claim. Contact our team today!

We also offer other workers compensation services for businesses, including annual workers compensation insurance premium assessments and claims litigation support. Take a look at all of our services.