Victorian industry classification rates have now been gazetted for the 2023/2024 period.

We’ve outlined some of the new classification rates below.

Industry Classification Rate22/23 RateNew 23/24 Rate
Building Construction
Non-Residential Building Construction1.392%1.897%
Road and Bridge Construction2.237%3.010%
Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction1.492%2.065%
Concreting Services3.502%5.126%
Bricklaying Services5.000%8.548%
Roofing Services5.478%8.073%
Plumbing Services2.708%3.506%
Electrical Services1.323%2.013%
Air Conditioning and Heating Services1.583%2.291%
Carpentry Services4.449%5.793%
Tiling and Carpeting Services9.828%14.090%
Painting and Decorating Services5.449%8.188%
Landscape Construction Services2.682%4.019%
Hire of Construction Machinery with Operator3.566%4.733%
Meat Processing4.126%5.719%
Clothing Manufacturing1.290%2.115%
Structural Steel Fabricating3.481%4.602%
Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing3.109%4.477%
Other Furniture Manufacturing2.836%5.978%
Road Freight Transport4.569%6.288%
Taxi and Other Road Transport1.662%2.822%
Rail Freight Transport1.086%2.835%
Courier Pick-Up and Delivery Services3.566%5.058%
Sheep Farming2.584%3.336%
Beef Cattle Farming2.095%3.178%
Dairy Cattle Farming4.171%6.090%
Poultry Farming (Eggs)3.277%4.588%
Poultry Farming (Meat)3.277%4.659%
Other Crop Growing1.759%3.362%
Shearing Services5.035%7.703%
Administrative Services
Accounting Services0.254%0.360%
Advertising Services0.254%0.360%
Office Administrative Services0.606%1.431%
Automotive Repair & Maintenance
Automotive Electrical Services1.209%1.576%
Automotive Body, Paint and Interior Repair2.242%2.855%
Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance1.877%2.887%

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