Personally, at JGA we don’t like the word Consultant – we would rather use the terms case support or advisor – making it less formal or intimidating, but either way we have a job to do and that’s making life easier for our clients in the world of Workers Compensation.

We undertake a range of services for our clients and their injured employees when we are engaged to manage in-house workers comp programs.

What does a Workers Compensation Consultant do?

Initially, we will review and assess injury claims and premiums performance over 5 years and provide a brief on what recommendations should be followed and implemented based on our findings. This starts with claims administration and management activities, RTW strategies on all active claims and relationship building with your key contacts (internal management, external providers, etc – it’s a long list!). We will implement a worker’s comp payroll record to be provided to you on a weekly basis outlining critical compensation data that needs to be paid and a status update for each claim.

We then follow up all compensation reimbursements from your Workers Comp Agent and ensure they are administrating the claim in an efficient manner.

We build close relationships with our clients, visiting your onsite premises to assist with duties assessments and RTW Program development. We conduct discussions with your injured staff to ensure they are content with the return-to-work strategy that has been implemented. Prior to this, we support injured staff members with appropriate medical investigations and feedback as to who they should be assessed by to assist with the best medical outcome.

Over and above this, we assess your annual premiums with projections on future costs relevant to existing and new claims and how these will affect future premium policy periods.

AND, it must be noted that we are always available – face to face, email or zoom/team meetings – whatever suits the requirements and needs of our clients. We are there as an extension of your business and part of your team.

So, in a nutshell we promote positive workers compensation strategy methods, review your situation,  implement strategy, monitor performance and assess outcomes.

Wondering how we can assist your business?

Drop us a line on 1300 785 244 so we can start the conversation as to how we can support you in the Workers Compensation space.